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MetaRise, a state-of-the-art metaverse platform, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking Initial Land Offering (ILO), offering enthusiasts a unique opportunity to acquire and develop virtual land. We are diligently enhancing MetaRise, focusing on empowering users to build, monetize, and personalize their spaces in this expansive digital world. Join us as we take this significant step forward, shaping a universe where your creativity knows no bounds.

Announcing the MetaRise Land Presale

Metarise is a groundbreaking metaverse platform that seamlessly integrates the real and virtual worlds using the power of the M20 blockchain and Unreal Engine. It features a captivating, low-poly graphic environment with two primary zones: Cityland, an urban center buzzing with activity, and Funland, an area dedicated to entertainment and leisure. At the core of this digital universe stands the Metarise Tower, an iconic structure that serves as both a landmark and the central hub for the platform’s vibrant life. 

After extensive development, we are excited to initiate the first phase of land acquisition in MetaRise—starting with the ILO.

LAND in MetaRise, much like NFTs, represents unique tokens that constitute plots of virtual space within our metaverse. These plots not only allow owners to develop them but also offer numerous opportunities for creativity and monetization in the future. Given the limited number of plots available, the ILO provides an exclusive chance to become early stakeholders in a rapidly growing digital realm.

MetaRise ILO Details

The MetaRise ILO will kick off a series of land sales, offering a limited number of plots at substantial discounts. This initial presale will feature 10800 land parcels. Starting this event at a significant discount allows early participants to maximize their future potential in the metaverse.

LAND Ownership Benefits in MetaRise

Owning LAND in MetaRise will enable you to:

  • Design and build personalized gaming or social experiences.
  • Host unique events or immersive experiences on your virtual land.
  • Monetize your property by developing attractions or renting it out.
  • Participate in governance of the MetaRise ecosystem.

How to Participate in the LAND Presale

To secure a plot during the MetaRise ILO, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. A MetaMask wallet
  2. M20 Chain Network in your Metamask Wallet How to add Mcoin network on Metamask?
  3. $MCOIN or $RIS the M20 Chain cryptocurrency
  4. Go on www.metaarise.com

Exclusive Benefits and Future Prospects

Purchasing LAND during the ILO not only secures a piece of digital real estate but also positions you at the forefront of digital innovation. Owners of larger plots, or ESTATES, will enjoy additional discounts, enhancing the value of their investment. These ESTATES offer vast terrains for larger developments, perfect for creating complex games and extensive social hubs that attract and engage audiences. Bring your community to your uniquely designed spaces, making them the go-to destinations within MetaRise.

Join the MetaRise Community

Join enthusiasts, creators, and pioneers in the MetaRise community to stay updated with the latest news, participate in contests, and enjoy exclusive giveaways. As we prepare for the ILO, we invite you to be part of this exciting phase in our journey, shaping the future of virtual experiences and ownership.


The MetaRise ILO is not just an investment in virtual land; it’s an entry into a community-driven digital universe where your creative visions can come to life. From creating immersive games to hosting vibrant social events, the possibilities are limitless. The MetaRise presale is now open! Don’t miss this opportunity to claim your piece of the MetaRise world—where your digital dreams can become a reality. Act now and secure your virtual estate!

Stay connected with us:

Metarise: https://metaarise.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metariseworld

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metariseworld

M20 Chain Website: http://www.m20chain.com

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