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Web3 Talent Fair is one-day event that will feature key exhibitors showcasing their businesses and discussing how Web3 will shape the future of work through panel discussions, workshops and hundreds of jobs.Web3 Talent Fair is also providing a Lightning pitch area to allow everyone to present a project and its needs, an announcement, or simply their own skills to the community.800 selected talents will join Web3TalentFair to network, and find their dream team  around exhibitors’ open positions. You’ll have the chance to attend panel discussions, network with key speakers, and even take advantage of our flash pitch space to present  your own skills and projects to the community. We’ll debate about the future of work through panel discussions, workshops and conferences. How will it be? Most definitely  at the crossroads of Sharing Economy and Web3.

On July 22, welcome to Hôtel de Massa

Web3TalentFair will be held at the prestigious Hôtel de Massa, a stunning venue nestled in the heart of Paris.  This remarkable location will serve as a hub for the global gathering of Web3 talent and recruiters, making it  a landmark event in the industry. Alongside the conference rooms, attendees will have the opportunity to bask in the warm July sunshine and network in the serene ambiance of the private garden.

Contact : Benoît Kulesza, [email protected] / +336 63 11 54 26

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