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Video games built on blockchain systems often promise a lot and deliver… Well, not that much. However, in the case of SNORT — On The Run, players are immediately introduced to a fun and engaging hyper-casual game, which then gradually develops into a really immersive blockchain experience. The reason for that is a great merger of simple yet highly appealing gameplay mechanics with a tokenomics system that is both novel and rewarding. Here, the game offers its unique play-to-burn system but adds many additional incentives to anyone who is interested in the crypto and NFT space.

Snort the Escaped Prisoner

The game opens up with Snort, the game’s protagonist, in the year 2069. This isn’t your typical video game hero, but a lovable degenerate who is determined to break out of a prison cell and gain back his freedom. He’s armed with nothing more than a throwing knife and a sense of humor, but his desire to break the shackles of his jailers will overcome any obstacle. So, from the first moment, SNORT — On The Run puts the players in the shoes of this degenerate and immediately, they have to move.

The main gameplay mechanic is the press-and-release tap or click, which launches Snort in the air and helps him jump over obstacles. These include numerous movable platforms, but also spears, fires, and many other dangers. At the same time, there are robot guards and other enemies on the ground, as well as a police chopper circling above Snort. Along the way, Snort is also able to pick up gold coins and stack these up through the runs. However, a single mistake means an insta-death for the players, so both skills and patience are needed to take on this game.

Later in the game, players will come across hover cars they can drive, as well as rocket ships and other vehicles. The game even includes its boss battles, all of which take place inside a procedurally generated environment, making each run feel brand new. Here, pixel art graphics, made in the style of the early 1990s golden age of 2D platformers, really blend well with the overall look and feel of the game.

Cross-platform Balancing Act

It is also important to underline that the game is fully optimized for cross-platform play. It is set in vertical portrait mode, which means it functions just as well on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop or laptop device. The same goes for its controls, where the single tap or click provides a perfect means of player input, while at the same time, keeping the game challenging and hard to master.

That balance of difficulty and skill is a hard problem for any kind of game. But, with SNORT — On The Run, the players will need only 10 or 20 minutes to see how their ability to take on the game’s challenges gradually builds up. At first, chances are that many will feel that the game is too hard. That will include regularly overshooting platforms or making jumps fall too short. Yet, with each run, the feel for the game’s control will increase and offer players longer and longer runs. In turn, the development of skills needed for the game manages to rise just as the challenges rise as well.

BASE-Build and $SNORT Tokenomics

The game, from its blockchain perspective, is built for the BASE network exclusively. It holds a BASE NFTs in the function of characters and its $SNORT token is used for all in-app purchases. 

The game offers free mint options with its SNORT GAME PASS NFT, but all of this can be ignored by the players who can simply use the regular Guest Mode. Still, those with the NFT pass will get power-ups, and cosmetics for the Snort character, including additional weapons, gold jewelry, and more. All those elements, both cosmetics and gameplay-related, really come into their own for the competitive part of the SNORT — On the Run experience. Here, the leaderboard is just one of the competitive elements. Another interesting element of the game is its unique tokenomics mechanism called play-to-burn. With it, players will spend and burn their $SNORT tokens used for power-ups, influencing the wider token ecosystem with their activities. 

The game’s creators plan to use a play-to-burn feature inside of tournaments, which will include sponsorship prize pools and other incentives. That alone can attract countless crypto gamers who are interested in a more competitive side of blockchain titles.

Simplicity and Appeal

The game’s brilliance lies in its ability to be a very deep and rich blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, but also a simple and addictive video game. Players, depending on their interests, can decide which of these they wish to interact with. Simultaneously, they will be completely free and without any burden of the things they wish to avoid. So, anyone can enjoy SNORT — On The Run as a regular hyper casual game, or they can get involved with its tokenomics, or even play it on a very serious, competitive level. The game will accommodate any and all approaches, which shows just how ingenious its entire setup really is. All of that represents the makings of a truly awesome game that is yet to explode into its true and massive popularity with many different types of gamers. SNORT — On The Run has so much to offer to all of them!

Game is available athttps://game.snort.wtf

Check out the video — SNORT — On The Run — Full NFT-based Experience!

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