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The meme coin hype started in 2013 with the release of Dogecoin ( DOGE). Since then, hundreds of meme coins have prevailed but have not lived up to the hype and success that Dogecoin created. However, this is all about to change. Dogemoji Coin (MOJI) is garnering a lot of attention for its innovative platform and unique Anime design.

During the first weekend of the presale, Dogemoji Coin hit $550,000 in the first stage of its 6 stage presale. The mammoth number is a testament to the plethora of services it offers. At the time of writing, Dogemoji Coin is in the midst of Stage 2 of its presale and shows no signs of slowing as it solidifies its place in the crypto market. Let’s find out what makes Dogemoji Coin so great.

Why Dogemoji Coin Is The Most Anticipated Meme Coin

Dogemoji Coin has garnered a lot of attention for its extensive roadmap and adorable design. Anime is quickly becoming the most popular TV genre, with an estimated 40-60% of the world’s population consuming Anime in some form. Dogemoji Coin even has plans to release animations and comic books of its mascot Moji the dog that could see a wave of new users gravitate towards the Dogemoji Coin platform.

How The Dogemoji Coin Presale Is Doing So Well

Dogemoji Coin is currently in the second stage of its presale. The token has raised over $600,000 thus far, with less and less tokens available to buy everyday. Currently users can purchase MOJI tokens in stage 2 of their presale for the low price of $0.000698, already an impressive increase from its launch price of $0.000349.

However, when the second stage of the presale concludes, the price of MOJI tokens will rise to $0.001047. The 1.5x increase makes MOJI tokens more desirable to purchase now as the value will keep increasing exponentially.

All you need to purchase MOJI is a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser. Once you connect your wallet to the Dogemoji Coin platform, you can purchase MOJI tokens with BNB, ETH, or USDT. Once the presale has concluded, you can collect your MOJI tokens on the Dogemoji Coin website. It’s as simple as that!

Dogemoji Coin has generated a lot of hype around its platform due to its commitment to its community. From making 50% of its tokens available to the public in its presale to its extensive roadmap, Dogemoji Coin is making a name for itself in the crypto market.

For more information on Dogemoji Coin (MOJI), please visit the following links:

Presale: https://dogemoji.net

Website: https://buy.dogemoji.net

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