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VICUNA is a licensed metaverse platform created by OSDT software company. 

Dubai, UAE, 16th September 2022, The team includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity experts that have designed and created a novel ecosystem to resolve various problems in the metaverse that includes entertainment, visual sense, and e-commerce.

VICUNA by OSDT, is fascinating project that leverages the digital-life, and creates new opportunities in entertainment, employment, and many other fields. VICUNA introduces an enriched metaverse environment where you can use senses such as smell and touch, in order to bring a real-life experience in the metaverse. VICUNA’s Metaverse first release, named “VINA Verse” will be officially published in Q4 2022. 

Their award winning novel product allows for metaverse users to engage senses such as smell, touch, virtual 4D restaurant and many more. This technology has won different awards including the 2021 Gold Medal at the International Invention Exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia 2021. 

New generation of devices introduced by VICUNA allow users to sense/smell objects, feel the sense, higher level of interaction, in the metaverse and compatible to integrate with E-Commerce platforms. The pre-sale of these devices will begin in October 2022.

“VICUNA FitNet” is another revolutionary part of their ecosystem, created to boost the sale in different industries using a state-of-art ecommerce platform which helps users to select a faster and more suitable shopping experience. Users usually want to test/try items before making a purchase. According to statistics, 86% of buyers are more likely to pay extra money for a better experience.

VICUNA FitNet is the new type of social media customized for metaverse, shopping, and entertainment. FitNet allows users to test different real or digital items and use them in their digital metaverse life and people involves in the sale process by any interaction even at atomic level. Users are able to communicate, review items, test, and interact in VINA Verse. This allows for a better shopping experience based on the metaverse interaction from other VICUNA users.

In VICUNA FitNet you can be a seller, buyer, or even earn tokens by writing reviews or participating in certain activities such as games. VICUNA uses a modern pattern recognition method that allows users in the Metaverse to monetize any type of activity.

VICUNA platform, an OSDT company, is licensed and officially registered trademark in Dubai, UAE. VICUNA aims to revolutionize e-commerce on the metaverse and provide a better user experience along with entertainment.

VICUNA has successfully partnered with major brands globally, as detailed on their website. For more detailed information regarding VICUNA’s full capability, and updates regarding future releases, please visit https://vicuna.network

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