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You have ran, jumped and walked. Now how about you do something simpler. Degen Street Bets is flipping the rules of the 2Earn space by introducing a unique and exciting take on flipping games: Flip2Earn. 

Flip2Earn is designed to leverage the allure of a 2Earn system while revolutionizing the evergreen appeal of flipping games. Degen Street Bets (DSB) research shows that blockchain flipping games have generated millions in volume since the start of 2022 and DSB’s unique take will make it even more appealing to players. 

The concept is simple yet elegant. Every day you can win back up to 0.75% of your total deposits for that day, depending on your Flip Streak — the number of days you have been flipping. These winnings are in addition to your winnings from DSB’s Flipping Game, and sweeten the pot even further. 

The versatile $DSB will serve as the token for the project and will be required to play the Flip2Earn game. All future games on the DSB platform will also be powered by the DSB token, making its prospects very bright. The platform itself will run on the Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the most popular crypto networks in existence today.  

The Degen Street Bets team will add further value to the $DSB token by using part of the profits generated from the platform to buyback and burn. This makes $DSB a deflationary token and increases its value over time. 

But this is not all. The DSB team aims to make their platform easily accessible for everyone on the internet. The platform will be open to anyone around the world — no signups or KYC needed. Anyone with a web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) will be able to play on the DSB platform. 

All this does not mean that you will be playing alone. The DSB team realizes the importance of community building in any web3 project and have developed the ecosystem to be community-driven —play the game and make some new friends along the way. Flex your winnings to them and compete against each other, playing with other people is always more fun. The DSB team will also hold regular community events and competitions where participants will be able to flex their skills and win prizes in $DSB or $BNB (the native currency of the Binance Smart Chain). 

The DSB team has worked hard to make the game fair and has made its code open source — anyone can view it to make sure that they are playing a game that offers true 50-50 odds. What’s more is that people will not have to wait for days to get their winnings either. The payouts are instantaneous — thank’s to DSB’s deployment on a decentralized crypto network. 

The tokenomics have been worked out to ensure long-term viability and health of the project: 20% have been allocated to presale, 10% to liquidity and 50% have been reserved for flipcoin rewards (locked with linear unlocking). A further 7% tokens have been reserved for CEX listings (locked at launch), while the team tokens, also locked, are limited to just 3% of the total supply. The remaining 10% tokens have been allocated for the Coinhouse Flip and are also locked.

  • Starkess, DSB Lead

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