Three of the Top Blockchain Experts to Follow

There is an overabundance of information on the internet.  Particularly for crypto and the blockchain, as well as any sort of financial predictions, everyone gives his two cents.  While it can be interesting or even useful to read a variety of opinions, there are definitely some standout experts who are always reliable.

These experts are:

1. Nick Szabo

Suggesting Szabo is an important figure  and one of these experts probably comes as no surprise. He’s worked on digital currency since 1998, developing what he called “bit gold”. He is also credited with inventing smart contracts, and though he has denied it, many speculate that he may be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Whether or not this rumor is true, Szabo will always be a highly important figure in blockchain, for his years of experience. He’s highly active on Twitter, not making predictions about ICOs or market trends, but weighing in on blockchain and crypto news, and the philosophies behind decentralization.

2. Mark Russinovich

As one of the significant blockchain experts, Russinovich is the CTO of Microsoft Azure, the cloud-based platform for a number of data applications. In the last few years, Microsoft has taken a keen interest in blockchain especially, with Russinovich also heading the Confidential Consortium, or Coco framework.

Coco is offering innovation on multiple levels that will without a doubt be very important as blockchain grows. For starters, it provides blockchain inter-connectivity, which may be crucial for scalability. Since Coco can connect multiple networks, it can cull data from a number of different sources.

It also offers a compromise between centralization and decentralization, in that it gives proprietary control, but can make data completely private, even to the proprietor.

As a CTO for such a giant tech company, Russinovich is an important spokesperson and one of the notable experts on the subject of blockchain technology. He regularly gives interviews to update on Coco’s progress and partnerships. And following him gives insight on how blockchain can evolve in big business.

3. Charlie Lee

The blockchain has branched out quite a bit since Bitcoin (BTC) first launched in 2009. However, the proof of work protocol can still be scalable. As a crypto and blockchain enthusiast, you can benefit from staying up to date on PoW information.

Charlie Lee, of course is the founder of Litecoin (LTC), currently the number seven coin and a deservedly on the list of experts. While he has an obvious vested interest in his own coin, Lee still tweets interesting information on many issues.  These include scalability and compromises of centralization for security, among other topics. Lee previously worked as Director of Engineering for Coinbase as well.


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