World's Advanced Social media Ecosystem Boosting Influencer Monetization

Stratus: The World’s Advanced Social media Ecosystem Boosting Influencer Monetization

Social media had seen massive growth in internet users ever since its inception decades ago. In general, 2020 has garnered an estimated 3.6 billion social media users globally. The internet has improved and eased the lives of many people. Internet users spend more than 144 minutes per day on social media. It has emerged as a hub for entrepreneurs and influencers to create entire businesses from the internet.

The Stratus Ecosystem

Stratus will merge the major functionalities of the internet into one ecosystem. Big companies like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. will unite on one platform. Other internet services like banking and finance, shopping, traveling, etc will also thrive within the ecosystem. Influencers reap a lot from social media; Christian Ronaldo, for example, makes an estimated $47.8 million from paid posts each year on his 187 million followers on Instagram. If such an influencer can make all that money from one account, how will Stratus help entrepreneurs and influencers make much more?

It’s quite simple, if Stratus gives users one account to access all internet platforms and services, influencers will gain 10x more of what they got from one single account. This guide will provide different ways in which Stratus will increase influencer monetization through its VIP platform, direct advertising, referral commissions, and more.

Different Ways Stratus Will Improve Influencer Monetization

Being an influencer calls for a lot of work to maintain and grow your audiences. Still, you can leverage this to generate wealth. Here are some ways Stratus helps influencers multiply their wealth significantly:

VIP Platform

All social media platforms converged into one platform will have all internet users getting a one-stop-shop for all their needs. Stratus comes with an innovative feature, a VIP platform, where influencers can publish VIP content and charge its viewers. 

Furthermore, viewers won’t mind paying fewer microtransactions. An influencer’s income can skyrocket by as much as $1 million per 1 million views. Call the pros if you must, but if you combine the 500 million daily active users on Instagram with users from other platforms, it’s quite clear the tons of money an influencer will make using the VIP platform.

Instant Product Service Endorsement Commissions

The internet still proves to be a lucrative money-making tool, especially for entrepreneurs and influencers. Once the endorsements in your marketing comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Act and guides, you will generate more income with endorsements, influencers, and reviews. 

Stratus has a feature allowing sellers to offer immediate endorsement opportunities to influencers on the system. There are several products and services that influencers can select from to endorse; they can make as much as 50% of their video sales. Influencers can leverage this as they get product reviews they were going to do anyway; besides, influencers still benefit since they can afford better content.

Direct Advertising

Stratus aims to replace Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube and others. Unlike advertising on each of them, influencers can make much more on direct advertising in Stratus. Furthermore, Stratus shares its advertising revenue with the biggest influencers on its platform. Influencers will collect payment indefinitely from ads shown on their pages. For example, Kendall Jenner garners nearly $15.9 million annually as an Instagram influencer only; imagine what the values will amount once an influencer like her incorporates Stratus!

Referral Commissions

Another lucrative way influencers earn is through referral commissions, and businesses get new customers through referrals. In a nutshell, influencers get referral commissions after suggesting Stratus to their subscribers. An influencer can use expert tips and tactics and leverage referrals to increase their referral commissions in Stratus.

There are two ways an influencer can earn referral commissions:

  •  Pay per click – an influencer makes a small amount for every click that drives to a website
  • Cost per acquisition – an influencer earns a set percentage of the final sale amount when an actual sale is made.


Stratus being a convergence of multiple social media platforms, influencers can receive commissions on many of the services their subscribers utilize. Earning a commission as high as 50%, it’s without a doubt Stratus is the victor.

Embed a Product Store

Video marketing was just a blip on the radar a few years ago, and now it’s a top influencer marketing priority everywhere. It is because influencers can insert a product into a video, which will allow their subscribers to order the product with one click. Influencers can embed the product as a button on the video itself. It can either be a product or service sold by the influencer, or a product placement from someone else.

Since the Stratus ecosystem offers a one payment wallet like PayPal, it has eased any currency payments. The product embedded in the video can take users to a store directly after the video, ultimately increasing cross-sales.

One-Click Donations Payments on Posts and videos

Some social media posts play a crucial role in generating donations payments; this is a fast and easy way for influencers to contribute any donations through the internet. Once an influencer creates content and shares it with followers, a click on the post drives any user directly to a donate page. With the Stratus ecosystem, one post will reach many users from different platforms, which will increase the value significantly.

Ready to increase Your Influencer Monetization?

Being an influencer in this new era is the latest digital marketing trend, where influencers can earn using their massive audiences. Using the basics of posting relevant and good-quality content to keep your followers engaged and loyal can earn you big. 

Influencers could still make a lot from individual social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Still, with Stratus, the largest social media ecosystem, influencers can leverage this platform, which will undoubtedly increase their monetization. It would be best if you started using these ways mentioned above to increase your influencer monetization with Stratus.