Stratus: The social media platform with the highest monetization

The Stratus network has launched as the most expansive social media ecosystem, introducing various benefits for everyone. It solves the many issues menacing the exciting social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, including privacy, security, and censorship. 

The existing social media’s usability and interoperability is currently a nightmare, with users forced to log into multiple applications to access the diverse features they seek. 

For instance, a person needs the Facebook app for the friends to feature, Twitter for hashtags, Instagram for posting pictures, TikTok, and youtube for video sharing. To access video and audio call functions, they must open an account with WhatsApp and operate a separate PayPal account for remittances. 

Users are forced to memorize numerous passwords and usernames for each of these platforms, which is tiresome. Often, users need to regurgitate the same personal info each time they need to access a different feature.

Stratus solves this problem by integrating all those platforms plus more, including communication, entertainment, and financial functionalities, all into one website and app. This way, users can access all the functions they need from the wider social media, financial, and gaming worlds using just one login detail set. 

Stratus is also keen to champion the freedom of expression on its network, a right currently denied to many users on the existing social media space. Instead, most mainstream platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter undermine freedom of speech by censoring posted content or comments.

Stratus is now offering the much-awaited alternative to existing social media by allowing the free flow of ideas on the internet in a user-friendly and censorship-free environment. 

Stratus Driving Crypto and Fiat Payments

Stratus, headed by Apollo CEO Stephen MacCullah, is the first social media ecosystem to introduce vast solutions in the crypto world. It will be pioneering the top social media platform to introduce its own currency, dubbed Apollo currency, to serve as a convenient and secure medium of exchange and a store of value in the ecosystem. 

The new social media platform will also incorporate functionalities similar to Paypal, driving payment in hundreds of fiat currencies. Allowing such functionality will help bolster trade via social media and ultimately attract billions of users globally. 

What’s more, Stratus is merging with Knox World Pay, an Apollo-based central bank digital currency platform. The Knox-Stratus merger will benefit crypto enthusiasts, who will now have the capability to send and receive Bitcoin via SMS in just 2 seconds, thus fostering the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. 

Stratus as a Privacy-Centered Platform

Stratus will also endeavor to safeguard private user data stored on its platform against hackers and phishing attempts using military-grade encryption. The new social ecosystem taps into its blockchain base and IP masking to guarantee that all communications and transactions remain completely private. 

The MacCullah-led social network also imposes a strict policy against data mining to foster users’ privacy. Unlike current social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that often collect and share data with third parties, Stratus has guaranteed users that it will not engage in any selling of confidential information.