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Reasons why Bitcoin is used as a store of Value

A store of value is a property whose market worth can remain constant or increase
gradually over a long time. Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency, may have not satisfied all
the main criteria to be considered as a store of value. However, it has been widely
adopted by major companies including Square, Twitter and MicroStrategy as a store of
value. Bellow are key reasons why bitcoin is considered as a store of value.

i) Bitcoins are scarce
The flow of bitcoins in the market is limited. There is a maximum of 21 million
bitcoins and can never surpass this point. New bitcoins are created by mining.
However, the value diminishes due to halvings. It started at 50BTC reward to miners
and split by half since until the day the last fraction is in the market. With the
increased purchase of bitcoins, creators do not increase the number of bitcoins in
circulation but rather increase the value of the coins that are already in the market.
This makes it a perfect store of value as it’s worth, as predicted by experts will
always be on the rise due to this property.

ii) Bitcoins are decentralized
Bitcoins have open-source software. However, copypasting the codes and making a
separate version with a hiked number of coins will throw you off the game as the
program no longer follows traditional accepted global bitcoins nodes (forking). Rules
of conduct for use in bitcoins are made by all the users combined. Changes can only
go through if a big part agrees. Convincing people to make a decision that will reduce
the value of their coins is impossible. As time goes by, users increase and making
changes always gets harder by the day.

iii) Its fungibility
All bitcoins are similar, and any two coins would have the same value at the same
time period. However, a newer coin could be worth more than one which has gone
through more transactions as its use could have been suspicious. However, the
difference, for now, is not that much. Buying it and storing is a safer option as it
won’t circulate increasing the chances of it having been used illegally.

iv) Bitcoins are portable
All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you can carry as many
bitcoins as you can. And with other upcoming companies, they have created cards you
can use with funds in your bitcoin account in transactions. 1 BTC worth $15,567.40.
Carrying such amount in cash is cumbersome, but in bitcoins, it takes just a press of a
button. You can carry with you all your money wherever you go hence assured of

v) Easily divisible
When making a transaction worth less than 1BTC, you can divide the coin into small
fractions even worth $1 or even less. That is how divisible bitcoins and you can
purchase any number of bitcoins depending on how much you want to invest.

vi) Safety of bitcoins
Bitcoin accounts are well encrypted with passwords, and getting past them is not an
easy task. For a transaction, one would be notified, and if it wasn’t by the owner, it is
cancelled. For instance, Zeabit is a platform where you can trade bitcoins. Zeabit is
an extremely easy process, So, if you are looking on a site to trade then Zeabit the
best crypto exchange to trade bitcoin safely.

As all the above points prove, it is a wise move to invest in bitcoins as it has the
potential of improving in value. Its safety and consistency are the assurance you