How Blockchain is Changing the Data Supply Chain

In a technological sense, the blockchain plays a pivotal role in the creation of trusted, immutable records of transactions. However, the downside is that this innovative technology has no place in collaborative ecosystem applications.

Now, the question is, “How do we figure out what the blockchain really means to us?” Another question we will have to ponder is, “Is there any limitation to enterprise adoption? “What are the benefits of the blockchain?” These and many more questions are begging answers. In the quest for answers, we will examine how Syncsort is deploying modern technology.

Introducing Syncsort

Syncsort is pioneering the development of the cutting-edge infrastructure that supports the modern data supply chain. The company has a tagline, advancing data, which drives it toward achieving this goal. Consequently, products were developed that promote data quality, mainframe optimization, and capacity management. Other developments include elevated security and improved quality. CEO Josh Rogers and CTO Dr. Tendu Yogurtcu took some time to detail company operational procedures.

What are the four megatrends of the company?

The duo identified the four megatrends of the company as data science, data and IoT, the cloud and data governance. Yogurtcu noted that Syncsort classifies the blockchain under the data governance mantle. Additionally, she said that Syncsort is conducting research and product development. According to her, product development and research will promote blockchain adoption.

Benefits of the blockchain

These benefits include processes such as manual confirmation or cross-border party involvement. In fact, they used the example of a situation where automatic tracking and validation are visible to all the parties involved.

Therefore, the blockchain can reduce the tracking complexity involving the supply chain. In addition, it can also solidify and simplify the contracts between companies.

Looking at the big picture

Rogers said that the blockchain displays all the signs that it will play a significant role in the enterprise ecosystem. In fact, he promises that Syncsort will refocus on partnering with relevant players in the blockchain space to advance research into this new technology. According to the pair, Syncsort is helping its clients to advance data and develop the “data journey with adopting net-gen platforms.”

Statistically, Syncsort has already achieved this with over 7,000 customers, including 84 Fortune 100 companies. However, Yogurtcu cautions that this new technology is currently not fully enterprise-ready. Explaining further, Yogurtcu observed that blockchain-based transactions require the integration of data into the existing transnational infrastructure. As a result, the process will require a new set of tools and utilities to make the integration work.


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