Five Top Companies that will Benefit from Blockchain in 2019

Not only can blockchain technology support the functions of cryptos such as Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum, it will also revolutionize marketplaces and how data is stored and disseminated. For this reason, companies across industries such as financials, technology as well as healthcare are exploring blockchain technology. This will improve fraud prevention security, faster transactions and enhanced cost efficiency.

As a consequence, stocks will be looking to align themselves with blockchain technology in 2019 to take advantage of the benefits. Additionally, blockchain platforms are predicted to house 10% of the global Gross Domestic product (GDP).

Below, we look at some of the top companies that will harness the power of the blockchain in 2019:


The New York City based bellwether exchange and equity index provider is at the forefront of the blockchain’s transformative potential. It is one of the companies that established its dominance in the field of developing innovative securities transaction methods since 2013. Therefore, its primary function is the facilitation between finance and technology. Therefore, it assists investors in navigating financial markets on a global scale.

Recently, the NASDAQ announced that it will also be recording private securities transactions, as well using the LINQ blockchain ledger technology. This fact will see it reap more from the benefits of blockchain in 2019.


The global tech-giant boast over 400 blockchain solutions. It offers solutions to various companies in multiple industries. IBM estimates that its financial solutions involving blockchain technology will potentially decrease financial service transaction disputes by 77% – from $100 million to $30 million.


It is one of Japan’s biggest technology companies investing in the blockchain. Hitachi has been researching this technology since the early 2000s. Using a three-phase approach, the firm made an announcement that it will be expanding its blockchain applications in the foreseeable future.

Hitachi recently incorporated a cryptocurrency and blockchain application in its operations. The move will see it perform well on the exchange-markets in the coming year. 

Daimler AG

The leading German car manufacturer is among the large companies that pledges support to blockchain technology. In partnership with LBBW, Daimler first floated a $100 million one year corporate loan mechanism which was a success. In fact, the company conducted the project entirely on the blockchain.

As a result, the company hopes to continue experimenting with the technology and explore all its potential applications.

Hive Blockchain Technologies

Hive Blockchain Technologies, is based in Canada and directly deals in cryptocurrency through mining. In fact, it currently mines eight cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple. Therefore, it is one of the companies that uses blockchain technology to verify crypto-transactions.

This year, the firm invested heavily towards expanding its mining potential with $100 million received from private financing. Additionally, Hive Blockchain Technologies was also the first tech-firm to have its stock listed on a major public exchange solely dedicated to the cryptocurrency trade.



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