Ethereum (ETH) reaches 50 million registered addresses

The bear market continues and the prices of Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin are not recovering. Although the market is developing strongly from the technological point of view, the current price trend does not represent this progress. Regardless, Ethereum (ETH) reached a new milestone: 50 million registered user addresses.

A few days ago, Ethereum’s price did fall below the $ 100 mark. For some industry experts, this was a reason to question the raison d’être of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. ICOs did sell more than 416.000 ETHs within the last 30 days, a new high since the summer of 2018.

The largest projects that did sell ETH are SingularDTV, followed by Aragon and Kyber. Status did also sell a lot of their funds. However, the project continues to hold an amount of 2.9 million ETH, equivalent to a current value of just under $ 290 million. The number of launched ICOs, as well as their total value, did decrease significantly since the beginning of 2018.

100.000 New Ethereum Addresses per day

Regardless, Ethereum’s newly unique registered addresses are growing steadily. Data by shows a continuous increase of about 100.000 new addresses per day, since May of 2017.

ETH addresses

Wozniak and Schmidt in favour of Ethereum

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and Eric Schmidt, co-founder of Google, do both see major potential in Ethereum’s technology. If the project can succeed to optimize scaling and deploy globally, it will be a powerful tool that can change the world in a sustainable way:

“I think the most interesting stuff that’s going on are the beginning of execution on top of blockchain, the most obvious example being the capability of Ethereum. And if Ethereum can manage to figure out a way to do global synchronization of that activity, that’s a pretty powerful platform. That’s a really new invention.”

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