Etheera (ETA) shoots up to over 80,000% in two weeks

In a market where a lot of digital currencies are struggling to stabilize, Etheera (ETA) seems to be in a league of its own. So, for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have religiously followed the token, it is no longer news that Etheera has been putting on a stellar performance for some time now.

Indeed, the token attracted substantial attention when it shot up to 80,000% rise in price in two weeks. Now, that’s a big deal. Therefore, the lesser known ETA token achieved in two weeks that the major cryptocurrencies couldn’t accomplished in twelve months. No doubt, Etheera is in a class of its own.

Meet the token drawing the attention of the market

Meet Etheera (ETA), the token that will seize the attention of the cryptocurrency market in no time. Based on the Ethereum network, ETA is a token that focuses on real estate. It provides properties to purchase, bed and breakfast and renting offers. In fact, ETA is ideal for everyone, even for a private person looking to provide a room for one night or a longer period of time.  In addition, it offers real estate brokers and industry professionals a software platform that enables them to integrate all their options.

Initiating a strategy to maintain impressive performance  

Additionally, the end of October saw ETA spike in trading volume. Similarly, from a kickoff price of $0.000051 USD, it experienced an astronomical rise to $0.012551 USD.  Now, if that’s not amazing, what is? This price disparity represents an extraordinary 80,000% rise.

Dedicated to seeing the token give the major virtual currencies a run for their money, the ETA team has just announced a strategic partnership. Essentially, this will see the team collaborate with Africunia Bank’s Excoincial. It’s imperative to note that Africunia Bank is the first-ever digital bank on the continent of Africa.  On October 31st, the team took to its social media account to share the good tidings.

About Etheera (ETA)

Established in 2017, ETA is a utility token that is usable as a software tool for realtors. It provides tools for uploading pictures of buildings to allow buyers to choose their favorite. It also offers what the team calls a Partner Network. On its official website, the team provides services such as matching, consulting and many others.

In addition, the token is ideal for brokers with an existing customer and property portfolio. Based in Switzerland, Etheera plans to expand to many cities in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia by 2022.


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