EGW Capital (EGW) IEO Review and Price Prediction

Who is EGW Capital?

Symbol: EGW

EGW Capital is the blockchain cum traditional investment banking based out of the United States and India. The company also offers investment advice to a handful of ultra-high networth investors primarily based in the Gulf and some Asia regions. The company helps emerging businesses to launch their own Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), conduct reverse mergers on the US stock exchanges, or launch IPO’s in the United States under Regulation A+ exemption. The company is also offering liquidity solutions on UniSwap and SushiSwap to selected top coins.

What is the Size of IEO, and who can invest?

Target Fund Raise: the US $50 million

Estimated IEO Open Month: April 2021

Type of Investors: Qualified & High Networth (For Phase I of the IEO)

Offering Price: US $0.05

Retail Listing Month: May 2021

Post Listing: Open to all investors and traders

Market Cap: US $514-680 million post listing

Coinmarketcap Rank (post listing): Under the ’30s

Currently Traded On Crypto OTC Exchange

IEO Rating: 4.2 out of 5

What is the vision of EGW Capital?

EGW Capital has a vision of tokenizing real-world assets on the blockchain, including shares of the companies and real estate. The company is extremely bullish on blockchain technology and crypto overall.

What are some large projects of EGW Capital?

  • The company plans to tokenize real-world assets worth the US $1 billion in the next few years.
  • The company plans to launch its crypto bank and launch its crypto debit card.
  • The company plans to launch a crypto investment trust or an exchange-traded fund worth the US $100 million, which will invest in the leading emerging blockchain technologies.
  • The company plans to launch its security exchange where the tokenized and fractionalized real-world assets will be traded. This may emerge as EGW Capital’s most prominent business in the next 12-18 months. Overall, the US $20 trillion worth of assets can be tokenized on the blockchain.

What is the size of EGW Capital?

EGW Capital is a reasonably large investment bank with revenue exceeding the US $70 million every year.

The company employs 54 people in the United States and 72 people in India. Total of 126.

How EGW Capital makes money?

EGW Capital earns a fair share of equity percentage in the companies they take public. They make 4.99%-15.00% equity in the company they take public either on the crypto markets or the stock exchanges. The company earns from the investment advisory and market-making.

How will EGW Capital use IEO proceeds?

The company plans to foray into sponsored IEO’s to finance the IEO and IPO’s of the companies, which will help it earn more equity in the projects.

Use of EGW Coin

The company plans to use the EGW coin as a utility token for all its client looking to avail of its services. EGW Capital will also launch its own locked staking programs (90-120 days), which will fetch an APR of 15-18%. More clients and investors will use the EGW coin; more will be the demand of its coin. The company has plans to raise the US $600-700 million through staking.

Is EGW Coin a security token?

No, the EGW coin is a utility coin.

The Downside

  • EGW Capital has plans to expand in one of the world’s largest markets, “India,” but the stand of the Indian government remains unclear. However, EGW Capital has clarified that any crypto ban in India will not impact business operations.

The Overall Outlook

The company looks promising due to the following reasons.

  • Tokenization is an emerging concept and will be widely accepted in the markets in the new few years. EGW Capital will continue to achieve double-digit growth for the next ten years.
  • The company is not dependent on a single revenue source and has business operations that do not include crypto.
  • The company helps crypto projects to do IEO’s and ICO’s. Hence the coin owners may receive bonus coins of each project it lists onto the markets.

EGW Coin Price Prediction

78% of investors and traders believe the EGW coin price will cross the US $0.10 on the day of listing as the company is discounting its valuation. (Survey Participants: 574)

EGW Coin Price202220232024
US $0.18US $0.54US $1.60