DogePal is Aggressively Pushing Dogecoin (DOGE) to the Mainstream

One of the challenges bedeviling cryptocurrency is its use as a payment method. Today, cryptocurrency is commonly used as a speculative investment asset rather than a way to make payment. Indeed, people rarely use virtual currencies to pay for goods and services. However, this is its core function, according Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper. Additionally, all that is about to change as many companies are showing some level of commitment to pushing alternative currency into the mainstream. One of these is DogePal

Dogecoin (DOGE), which began as a joke with a dog meme, is about to be the game-changer in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. From a rejected stone to a cornerstone, DOGE is growing despite the market downtrend. Today, its market cap hovers around $373M USD. What’s more, DOGE exchanges at $0.00321. With determination to see DOGE succeed, DogePal is one of companies spearheading the mass adoption of DOGE. Therefore, the company facilitates email-to-email payments with DOGE.

The Role of DogePal 

DogePal enables DOGE users to pay for commodities via their email addresses. Therefore, one could use DOGE to pay for coffee at the coffee shop down the street. Such payments are seamless since all the buyer has to do is pay the vendor from his/her email. In fact, in less than 20 minutes, the vendor receives a payment notification. In this way, the payment platform is enabling DOGE adoption among merchants and retailers.

Alternatively, the company provides an anonymous payment option. With this the sender can pay for goods without revealing their identity. In this case, a random email address will be selected from the DogePal database, allowing the buyer to use it during the payment process.

Future Plans of the Platform

The company aims to offer dual-factor authentication and a DOGE news-feed. Upon launching the project, they will incorporate these features along with the account history of users. Tom, the creator of DogePal, gives insight into how he plans to propel the mass adoption of DOGE with his latest project.

Tom told Blokt that the project will incorporate DOGE functionality for ordering and paying for goods. He indicates that the platform can notify the vendor when a buyer sends DOGE to his/her DogePal address. Additionally, the platform will queue the information onto a video screen following payment.

What Makes Dogecoin Unique?

On the DogePal network, the transaction fee for Dogecoin is minimal. This makes it ideal for making payments and even micro-payments. He said that DogePal is tirelessly pushing the adoption of Dogecoin.  The development team is working tirelessly to ready the DogePal platform for implementation. In fact, they are targeting certain marketplaces, such as farmer’s markets, coffee shops, and mom-and-pop shops.


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