Despite 2018 Bear Market, Top Crypto Markets Have Outperformed FANG Stocks Since 2017

Despite the 2018 cryptocurrency bear trend renewing gleeful predictions of bitcoin’s demise from mainstream financial analysts, the leading crypto markets have dramatically outperformed the ‘FANG’ (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google) stocks since the start of 2017.
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FANG Stocks Up Between 25% and 115% Since Start of 2017
As with the cryptocurrency markets, the FANG stocks broke into new record highs during early 2017, leading to a multi-month bull trend driven by accelerated momentum. However, in spite of currently posting year-to-date losses between 75% and 90%, the leading cryptocurrency markets have significantly outperformed the FANG stocks since the start of 2017.
At the start of 2017, AAPL (Apple) was trading for approximately $115. After rallying throughout 2017, APPL continued to set record highs during 2018 before going parabolic in the third quarter following a breakout above $1 trillion in market cap.

Since establishing an all-time high above $230 at the start of October, APPL has aggressively retraced roughly 30% back to currently trade for approximately $165, resulting in the stock having gained approximately 43% since January 2017.
Of the FANG stocks, FB (Facebook) has seen the greatest price volatility in price over the past two years. Trading for approximately $115 at the start of January 2017, FB saw 12 months of predominantly bullish action before producing a roughly 23% retracement from a then-record high of $195 down to $150 during the first quarter of 2018.

The second and third quarters of 2018 saw FB rally to post a record high of nearly $220, before suffering a violent 40% crash to establish local support at $125. As of this writing, FB is trading for $144, equating to a gain of 25% since the start of 2017.
NFLX (Netflix) has been the strongest performing of the FANG stocks since January 2017. NFLX began 2017 trading at nearly $125 before producing 18 months of sustained bullish action.

Since producing a double-top at approximately $420 during June and July, NFLX has recently retraced by roughly 40%. As of this writing, NFLX is consolidating at the $265 support area, resulting in a price gain of 115% in nearly 24 months.
GOOG (Google) has been the least volatile of the FANG stocks in the last 24 months, beginning 2017 at roughly $772. GOOG then produced 19 months of mostly bullish price action, before double-topping at roughly $1,255 during July and August.

GOOG has suffered the smallest losses of the FANG stocks since posting its current all-time high, having retraced nearly 20% to test support at $1,000. GOOG is currently trading for $1,042, equating to a price gain of 35% since January 2017.
Top Crypto Markets Gain Between 200% and 4,000% in 24 Months
At the start of 2017, the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap were BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and XMR.
Despite losing nearly 77% since the start of the year, BTC has gained nearly 250% since January 2017, gaining from nearly $965 to currently trade for $3,344.

In spite of posting a YTD loss of 88.5% as of this writing, ETH has gained over 1,000% in nearly 24 months, rising from $8 to $88.5.

Of the top crypto markets from the start of 2017, XRP has since produced the largest gains, with prices increasing nearly 4,350% from roughly $0.0065 to 0.29 today, despite posting a YTD loss of 87%.

Although LTC has yielded a YTD loss of 90%, the now seventh-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap has still produced price gains of more than 500% since the start of 2017, gaining from $4.33 to $26.5 today.

While XMR has slipped to rank 12th by market capitalization and produced a YTD loss of 88.5%, Monero has gained nearly 200% since January 2017, with prices rising from $13.8 to $40.4.

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