Crypto on the Menu as OKEx Prepare to Join Guest List for Buffett Fundraiser

When legendary investor Warren Buffett sits down for his 20thGlide Foundation ‘power lunch’, he will for the first time be joined by the cream of the crop from the world of blockchain and crypto.

Justin Sun, the 28-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of cryptocurrency Tron, turned heads when he placed a record-breaking bid of an eye-watering $4.6 million for the opportunity to sit down with billionaire investor Buffett, a far cry from the $25,000 winning bid for the first event back in 2000.

The event is set for July 25, and will be held in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Sun, who said he made the bid with advertising revenue from BitTorrent, which he bought last summer, will be allowed to bring a selection of guests along to the event, which traditionally lasts around three hours.

While there’s rampant speculation as to exactly who will be invited to accompany him to the event, there’s a chance representatives from OKEx, the world’s largest exchange by adjusted volume (according to Coinmarketcap), could be in attendance.

According to an insider close to the Tron team, who wished to remain anonymous, OKEx was one prominent organization from the world of cryptocurrency that was being looked at by Sun’s team.

“Of course, if you are going to meet an investor of Warren Buffett’s calibre, you make sure you bring the best people along for the job. That could be CEOs and founders of top projects, associates of Justin, or the biggest and best exchanges. I understand all options are being looked at,” they said.

A different world

A shrewd investor, with a fortune estimated at around $88 billion, crypto and blockchain technology represent a marked difference from the business world that Buffett is familiar with.

However, he’s shown signs that he understands the value of blockchain, but told CNBC its importance does not depend on any one asset, like bitcoin, which he has variously labelled as a “mirage”, “not a currency” and “tulips”.

It will be his inquisitive streak that Sun and his fellow founders and CEOs will be looking to tap into as they work to convince Buffett, nicknamed the “Oracle of Omaha”, of the benefits and potential offered by cryptocurrencies.