Blockchain Technology Could Enhance Transparency in Advertising

It seems like blockchain is the solution that we have been waiting for in the billboard advertising space. Think of a situation where you are walking past a billboard and you only see ads that are relevant to your interests.

Therefore, it seems that’s the future of billboard adverting and blockchain is at the core of this.

Blockchain in Digital Billboard Adverts

Recently, there has been talk that over 7,500 digital billboards will be introduced in New York by 2019. In fact, most of these billboards will launch using a new platform known as reactive advertising. This is basically an updated form of advertising that  will most likely leverage on blockchain technology.

The flagship company pushing for this form of blockchain-centric advertising is Bidooh. This company implemented its screens across selected streets. Also, the company allows advertisers to buy space from their screens and manage them. Moving forward, the company intends to leverage on the blockchain to produce advertisements on these screens based on the age and gender of the passersby. This platform will be controlled by an AI that will look at the faces of the passersby, try to deduce their age and gender and from there insert an appropriate ad for them.

This platform aims to eliminate the middle man and create advertising that are relevant to the target audience. The slogan of this platform is simple: display the right message to the right people at the right time.

Blockchain to Enhance Transparency in  Advertising

However, for a long time digital advertising experienced a significant lack of transparency. There was no candid method of keeping track of clicks, impressions and other metrics involved. Since its inception, the blockchain seeks to ensure transparency since mutual consensus is mandatory for a transaction to be verified.

Therefore, the blockchain also leads to increased security and accountability which is very important in digital advertising. Additionally, the blockchain provides an enhanced customer experience since it saves customers from price discrimination.

The Bidooh undertaking has already completed pilot projects in Manchester. Some of the countries within its target area are Bosnia, Romania and the Czech Republic.



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