Blockchain Gaming Startup Mythical Games Backed by Major Investors

Blockchain-powered gaming startup Mythical Games just raised $16 million in Series A funding. The company was founded by veterans of the video game industry, and is now backed by major investors.

An impressive team is at the helm of Mythical Games

Their CEO is John Linden, former studio head of Activision. Activision has been developing games since the late 70s and is one of the top publishers in the world.

Additionally, Linden was instrumental in the development of many blockbuster games, including Call of Duty and Skylanders.  The team includes several others from Activision and its subsidiary Blizzard. Former Yahoo DPM, Stephen Cunningham, is also on staff.

Mythical’s goals are consistent with a new trend where blockchain can expand the gaming universe

For one thing, security is of the essence. Purchasing add-ons, in-game items, and other DLC (“downloadable content”) has been an enormous trend in gaming in the last few years. Similar to other applications, blockchain technology can be an advantage regarding data tracking, safety and security. And secure practices are critical, since gamers also sell items, resources, and accounts for real-world money.

Additionally, according to Mythical Games the blockchain connects players and developers more organically. Similarly, the platform itself will soon be available to other developers. In other words, like with other kinds of dApps, Mythical Games will provide the tools. And content creators have freedom from there on out. Developers will be rewarded directly in what the company calls “player-owned economies.”

Gamers Can Create Own Content

Therefore, players themselves will have the ability to create their own content as well.  Linden details this in an interesting example:

“It can also be as complex as game developers selling game objects at wholesale to players or content creators, and allowing them to check items out of the game. Creators could then go on to modify them–such as adding a unique steampunk spoiler to the race car–verify these new creations, and then come back to sell items back into the game economy as well as getting a residual for the lifetime of the game item”

During the last decade, online gaming became almost a necessity.  For gamers, this enhanced the playing experience.  Therefore, a more seamless, blockchain-powered upgrade could take this experience to the next level.

Now that they have ample funding, Mythical Games is aiming to release their first wave of titles for PC, mobile, and consoles very soon.


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