Big News for Bitcoin: Nasdaq Confirms Launch of Future Products for 2019

Last week there were rumors about a supposed launch of the Bitcoin future on Nasdaq. This week, the team responded to the speculations and confirmed that they will launch next year.

The most recent report was endorsed by Nasdaq’s Vice President and his team, who announced that the new financial product will be officially and fully launched in the first half of 2019. This is good news, which is directly following Bakkt’s announcement that their Bitcoin futures trading will start in late January. These upcoming events can act as a catalyst to bring the crypto market into a new springtime.

Joseph Christinat, vice president of Nasdaq, told that contract trading should be launched next year:

“Bitcoin futures are listed and should hit the market in the first half of next year. we’re just waiting for the approval of the CFTC, but enough work has been done to get that confirmation.”

Bitcoin Futures – The New Hype?

The news has literally topped up on international news websites, creating almost a new hype. He further describes that he does not understand why there is so much speculation, instead of simply coming straight to them and asking:

“We’ve seen a lot of speculation and rumors about what we could do, but no one thought to come to us and ask if we can confirm that. Let’s go – we do that and that happens.”

Nasdaq is one of the largest securities exchanges in the world, working on the introduction of Bitcoin-Future products for more than a year. The company has long been working on integrating crypto currencies and developing other financial products related to digital currencies. Some speculators blame the company for delaying these processes, as the crypto market is currently very bear-driven, and this would be the ideal time to launch such products. Christinat answered:

“We’ve put a lot of money and energy into delivering that ability, and we’ve survived it for a long time – long before the market crashed. that does not affect the timing in any way. The period is completely irrelevant! We do that, no matter what.”

Bitcoin futures will be traded on the Nasdaq Futures Platform (NFX). Whether the launch will actually persuade institutional investors to invest money in this asset class remains to be seen.

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